The Review – Saje Sentiva Soothing Body Lotion

I was gifted Saje’s Sentiva lotion by a friend, and I’ve quickly flown through it. If you haven’t heard of Saje yet, I recommend your peruse their website right now! Saje is a Canadian owned and operated company, with a focus on natural, sustainable, plant-based ingredients.ย This is the kind of company I can really get behind, with strong values and ethics, while still maintaining a quality product and great customer service.

On to the lotion!


Saje describes their Sentiva Soothing Body Lotion as a “pure and intensive moisturizing lotion that works gently to calm and soothe dry, sensitive or allergy prone skin.” This lotion has a thin consistency and is perfect for providing light moisture to problem areas, like dry legs. A little goes a long way so if you over-apply it can take some time to sink in. It can also be used as a spot treatment, which I have yet to try. I think it will become my go-to moisturizer for the summer as I find it a little light for the winter months, when I get ridiculously dry skin. It has a very light floral scent that doesn’t last too long, so it is perfect if you are looking for something with little to no scent. I also love the brown recycled glass bottle the lotion comes in, it has a very apothecary vibe.

I think I will put it on my re-purchase list, especially for the summer.

Do you have any favourite natural lotions?

What’s your favourite Saje product?

  • What: Sentiva Soothing Body Lotion
  • Where: Saje, in stores and online
  • How much:ย $$ – Treat yo’ self
  • Should you: yes if you like a light lotion with natural ingredients

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