The Review – Love & Beauty Ultimate Lip Palette


If you know me, you know I loooove Forever 21’s beauty line, Love & Beauty. Many of their products are cruelty-free, and all very accessible for those who don’t want to commit to expensive, big name products. Expect many more reviews and swatches of their affordable, quality products to come!

You might be thinking, I’ve been to Forever 21, and I didn’t see any palettes. And you are probably right. Their in-store selection is not representative of all the products they have online in their “beauty” section. I am a huge fan of their tube lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadows, face masks.. all of it! As mentioned earlier, many of their products are cruelty-free, just be sure to check the packaging or online first. Unfortunately the Ultimate Lip Palette is not cruelty-free.


This palette includes 5 lip glosses, 5 lipsticks and a two sided lip brush. To be completely honest I am not 100% sure which are glosses and which are lipsticks. Of the bottom row, I believe the first two on the left are lipsticks and I THINK the three to the right are glosses.. swatched below.


Left to Right: A brown rose, an every day nude, a baby pink gloss, a sheer pink gloss, and a sheer gold gloss.

On the top row, the first three from the left are lipsticks and the last two are glosses (again, I think..).


Left to Right: A wine lipstick, a cherry lipstick, a pastel purple lipstick, a rose gloss, and a sheer bubble gum pink gloss.

I love this palette! The lipsticks are very creamy and buildable, so you can go subtle or more intense. They wear fairly well, given the price point, and the lipsticks leave a stain which helps extend the wear time. My only complaint is the pink glosses are all quite similar on the lip, but they all look great so not much of a complaint. I also like the amount of product you get, enough for plenty of wears but not too much that you don’t use it up by the expiry. The lip brush is decent, I am happy to have it when applying these lipsticks.

If you are ordering anything from Forever 21 online sometime soon, I highly recommend you toss this in your shopping cart. At $7.90 CAD, this is a very affordable palette to help add some variety to your lipstick collection, especially if you are just starting to venture into the lip colour world.

  • What: Love & Beauty Ultimate Lip Palette
  • Where: Forever 21 (online)
  • How much: $ – no brainer
  • Should you: Yes! Great variety, coverage, and price.

Do you have any Forever 21 favourites?


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