The Goals – 30 for 30


It with mixed feelings that I have to admit I am turning 30 years old in a couple months (in May, mark your calendars!). I can see how people have a crisis at these round number age milestones! I want this coming year to be the best of my life and have decided to make a little cheat sheet to help that happen. Behold, my list of 30 things I’d like to do this year to help me be the best me I can!

  1. Treat my anxiety without medication (unless absolutely necessary)
  2. Aim for a minimum of 1 hour of exercise 3 days a week
  3. Make soap from scratch again
  4. Pass my driving test
  5. Organize all our favourite recipes in a handy binder/book
  6. Read 30 books
  7. Make a career plan
  8. Make bread from scratch
  9. Run 5k in under 30 minutes
  10. Take two trips to U.S. cities
  11. Finish the original X-files series
  12. Keep up with blogging for the full year
  13. Practice yoga twice a week
  14. Pamper myself once a week (bath, masks, candles, etc.)
  15. Eat more fruit and veg and less prepared snacks
  16. Drink less caffeinated beverages
  17. Refresh my underwear collection
  18. Get some grown up pjs
  19. Eat less red meat
  20. More completely meatless days
  21. Make an effort to go to bed on time
  22. Floss daily
  23. Practice meditation
  24. Clean my make up brushes on the regular
  25. Wash dishes immediately after dinner
  26. Go for more walks outdoors
  27. Educate myself on better blogging
  28. Take two trips to Canadian cities
  29. Submit an article to a beauty/lifestyle site
  30. Learn to make a different type of scone (I always make the same kind!)

Well that’s my list. Some things will be easy to cross off, others are just ideas of how I could live a little better. But I will try to check in once in awhile on how I am progressing at being the best me I can be.

Do you have any suggestions for ways for me to make 30 the best year yet?



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