The Favourites – Etsy Bath & Body

I think one of my favourite things is to browse the proverbial aisles of Etsy for countless hours. There is so much out there, such unique sellers, and quality products, it is a little overwhelming. I find recommendations very helpful to help wade through the noise (and occasional crap store), or at least act as a starting point in a search for something special. I will be doing a series of my favourite Etsy sellers, and today we will start with my favourite Bath and Body shops.

When you go to Etsy and select Bath & Beauty, you get a mind-blowing 1,473,611 items. This includes hair care, soaps, make-up, fragrance, etc. In order to zero in on something more specific, I tend to search for an item I would like (like lip balm) or a particular scent I would like an item to have (like matcha green tea). I then refine my search by shops that ship to Canada, and sometimes, stick even to only shops located in Canada (usually means the most affordable shipping costs).

But even when you search “matcha lip balm” that ships to Canada, you still end up with 16 results. How do you select one tube of lip balm out of all that?! I base my decision almost exclusively on the store reviews (are people happy with the product, did they even receive their order, are they return shoppers, do the flavours/scents appeal to shoppers). I am also a sucker for nice packaging and photography as I find that gives the store a professional vibe which makes me feel comfortable.

But if this all sounds too overwhelming, check out my curated list of Bath and Body shops instead. They provide amazing products, reasonable shipping times, and great formulations so you can shop worry free.

Canadian Shops:

Lovely Body: Lovely Body is based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario and makes the most divine sugar scrubs and whipped shea butter. They are a must try! This shop also offers soaps, shaving cream, traveller’s soap, perfume oil, lotion, and bath melts and soaks.  If you can try one product, I recommend the Candied Cranberry Sugar Scrub (17.65 CAD).

PristineThirteen: This shop is based out of Cochrane, Alberta and offers an array of different products for the body and the home. The beard products for your significant other are extremely reasonably priced and smell amazing, and there are even natural products for pets.  If you can try one product, I recommend the Magnolia, Bayberry and Orange Blossom Soy Candle ($10.95 CAD).

The WASH shop: This shop is run from Ottawa, Ontario and has amazing soaps, body butters, sugar scrubs, lip balms, and so on. With unique scents like Apple Chai Tea and Lime Mango Poppyseed soaps, it is great stop for natural bath products.  If you can try one product, I recommend the Carrot and Guava Soap ($6 CAD)

Call Me Sugar Cosmetics: Another Ottawa, Ontario based shop, this one specializes in bath bombs and offers free local pick up. With small bath bombs selling for $2.75 CAD, Call Me Sugar is an amazing place to stock up your bath bomb supply.  The bath bombs look and smell gorgeous, with scents like Mango, Lemon Lavender and Vanilla Cappuccino. If you can try one bath bomb, I recommend the Rose Garden bath bomb ($2.75-$4.50 CAD).

US Shops that ship to Canada:

Firebird Bath & Body: Based in Baltimore, Maryland, this shop sells some of my favourite lip balms, soaps, perfume oils and lotions.  The formulations of all items are fantastic, I can’t just recommend one. If you try one lip balm, I recommend Mango Rose ($5.65 CAD)   if you try one perfume oil, I recommend Snowdrift ($14.12 CAD)  and if you try one soap, I recommend Grapefruit Ginger ($7.77 CAD).

Good 4 You: A unique plant based make up and skin care shop, based out of Woods Hole, Massachusetts. I highly recommend you also follow the shops insta account for beautiful photography of the herbs that go into these products. Good 4 You carries make up, perfume oils, foundation, hair and bath products, and much more.  The packaging is adorable, and the luxury of knowing exactly what is in your skin care is worth the price tag. If you can try one product, I recommend the Mini Beach Rose Skin Care Set No. 2 (floral toner, clay mask, serum and luxury balm) ($53.66 CAD).

Epically Epic Soap Company: I saved the best for last. This shop contains my two favourite Etsy guilty pleasures: the most decadent lip balms, and the most clever solid lotions. The shop owner went on hiatus for what felt like an eternity to me, but she is now back with regular flavour and scent updates. The lip balms are hands down my favourite on Etsy, followed closely by Firebird. If you can try one lip balm, I recommend Sleepy Time ($5.30 CAD)  and if you can try one solid lotion, I recommend I Love Lychee ($12 CAD)


What is your favourite Etsy shop for bath and body products?

I’d love to hear if you get anything from any of the above shops and what you think!


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