The Review – Love & Beauty Argan Oil Eyeshadow Set

As mentioned in previous posts (here, and here!), I adore Forever 21’s Love & Beauty line. It is affordable, on trend, and did I mention, affordable? Love it. My one complaint is the in store selection is so-so, but luckily shipping to Canada is free after $50, sometimes even less, so it is pretty accessible online.


Their Argan Oil line is pretty intriguing. While argan oil appears pretty low in the ingredient list, I am a sucker for buzz words like “argan oil” and “low fat”. The line includes a pressed powder, hydrating lipsticks, hydrating concealer, hydrating lip gloss, hydrating blush, and argan oil volumizing mascara. Did you hear they are hydrating?!


While I can’t attest to the other argan oil products, I am a huge fan of the Argan Oil Eyeshadow Set. The set is a great on the go companion, it is small and light and comes with a 4 sided applicator. The shades are a sparkly nude, a sparkly peach-rose, a sparkly latte brown, and a matte dark brown. It’s all you need for a complete nude smoky eye as the shadows blend surprisingly well, but each shade also works great as a one shadow wonder. I keep reaching for this set on work days for a single wash, and it has never let me down. Paired with a primer, these shadows will last anything you can throw at them. I highly recommend you check them out!


  • What: Love & Beauty Argan Oil Eyeshadow Set
  • Where: Forever 21 online and in some stores
  • How much: $ – no brainer
  • Should you: If you would like to add some good coverage shadows to your collection, yes yes yes

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