The Review – David’s Tea Monk’s Blend



This is the best tea I’ve ever had and I am never going to shut up about it. I just had the pleasure of trying a new white tea blend from David’s Tea, called Monk’s Blend, and it is so smooth and so buttery I can’t even handle it. As I mentioned last week, white tea can be a bit of an investment from David’s Tea. But sweet baby jeebus, this one is worth it! Like Buddha’s Blend, it isn’t full of big heavy expensive weird fruits or nuts, so while it is pricier than black tea, you are getting a purely tea experience.


As mentioned in my 5 Thoughts on February post, my office is becoming a tea lover’s dream world. My lovely colleague Lisa shared a bit of Monk’s Blend with me this week and it was love at first sip. Monk’s Blend contains white tea, milk oolong tea, jasmine green tea pearls, and natural milk flavouring (derived from lactose). David’s Tea blurb about this tea is as follows: “A delicately creamy blend of jasmine pearls and milk oolong. This deliciously delicate blend is inspired by the tea traditions of monks in rural China. The story goes that these monks had to beg for their tea each morning, receiving small gifts of whatever people had on hand. This resulted in an unusual medley of many different tea types – from delicate white teas to rich oolongs and everything in between. The result? An intriguing melange of flavours, known as a “monk’s blend.” And with floral jasmine pearls and velvety milk oolong, this luxurious blend is inspired by those classic mixes. Delicately perfumed and lightly creamy, it’s pure heaven in a cup.”

I love a creamy tea, and this one is no exception. The milk oolong tea and milk flavouring make this a delicious, smooth white tea. I keep saying “buttery” as that is really the best way to describe it. The liquor is a light yellow (BUTTERY!) and the scent is a light jasmine. However, the jasmine is not over powering if you do a quick steep. It is really just a background note which is how I like my jasmine. I felt very zen and monk-like after this cup, I highly recommend you check this out. If this is limited edition, I may lose my mind.. My new favourite tea of the year!

Recommended preparation: 1.25 tsp per cup for 4-5 minutes at 90C/194F

  • What: David’s Tea Monk’s Blend
  • Where: Online and in store at David’s Tea
  • How much: $$ – Treat yo’ self
  • Should you: YES YES YES BUTTERY

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