What I’m Watching – Spring 2016

I am completely unafraid to say that I looove television. I find it is like McDonalds.. a lot of people love it but are also secretly embarrassed about it. But I voraciously take in all the pop culture I can get my hands on. And tv is experiencing a golden age, so get on board this train people! Here are the four shows I have been obsessed with over the past few weeks and hope to finish sometime this Spring (except X-Files, thats a long haul binge).


House of Cards (on Netflix)

This show was all the world was talking about a couple years ago, so Brian and I thought it was about time we checked it out. Holy mackeral! I understand what is going on maybe.. 50% of the time. But who cares, it is some compelling television. Being Canadian, I have a very basic understanding of how the US political system works but you don’t need any background knowledge to appreciate the shocking shenanigans of the Capitol’s elite. This is hands down my favourite Kevin Spacey role, he is the perfect combination of terrifying and fascinating as Frank Underwood. We have just started the second season, and with our binging we should be caught up pretty soon. I highly recommend you give it a go if you haven’t already. It will make you consider your politicians in a new, not so favourable light.



Fixer Upper (on HGTV)

Chip and Joanna Gaines are my #couplegoals for life. I can say this with certainty, you will never find a more adorable husband and wife team on television. Watching Fixer Upper is best done in some cozy sweatpants, with a blanket, a cup of tea, and a huge smile on your face. Chip and Joanna’s love for one another, and their kids, mixed with a goofy sense of humour and drop-dead-gorgeous renovations makes for an addictive watch. If you like reno shows but also want to mix in some hard core ‘shipping’, I strongly recommend you make some time for Chip and Jojo. It is really a treat to watch as the Gaines expand their brand to a B&B, a bakery, etc. and I love the insights into their farm life. I like to watch one of these after a House of Cards to give me some hope in humanity. Best part of all: Fixer Upper is infinitely re-watchable as the jokes never get old. So bring on the reruns!



X-Files (on Netflix)

Speaking of ‘shipping’.. the classic X-Files (aka not the episodes from this year) give me the warm and fuzzies. And also the nightmares. Awhile back we started watching the X-Files from the beginning and now watch a few episodes a week. We are currently in Season 3, and I am loving it. It gives me such nostalgia for people smoking in the workplace, 90s make up (which gives me current day inspiration – Scully rocks many a brown lip), and terrible terrible blazers. While I have been told by several people that the last couple seasons aren’t worth watching I am a stickler for finishing what I start (at least in books and television) so I plan to watch the entire series. And then the two movies. And THEN I will watch the new episodes. Even the terrible Monster-of-the-week episodes are so delightful and charming, I don’t ever care.



Galavant (on ABC)

I am a HUGE fan of Psych, so when I saw that Detective Lassiter was growing a beard and becoming a king, I needed in on this. It is difficult to describe Galavant without it sounding a little absurd (“a musical comedy fairy tale”) but I assure you it is that and more. Galavant drops the one-liners fast and furious, so if you like cheesy comedy this is a must see. You are also treated to some catchy tunes, breathtaking scenery (it is filmed in the UK), and an overall good time. With only 8 half hour episodes, we binged our way through the first season so we are now trying to watch only one or two a week to prolong the enjoyment of the 10 episode long season 2. If you like to mix in some humour in your drama-heavy tv schedule, give Galavant a try. If you don’t laugh out loud, you aren’t paying attention!

xx C


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