The Review – Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

I think my most loved cosmetic is lipstick.. a special lipstick can take you from feeling down in the dumps to feeling like a million bucks. I feel it is the one make-up item that really changes a look. And there are SO many colours and formulas, it is infinitely exciting to explore. I might be a little obsessed with lip colours..imageOne of my favourite formulations is Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick. These bad boys are easy to find anywhere, are very affordable, and are simple to use. They come in such an array of colours and with different finishes, you can always find exactly what you need for any look. While their lasting power isn’t as good as you can get from a higher end lipstick, they last me 3-4 hours which is acceptable for something you can find on sale for $4 CAD. They also last for an eternity in the tube, as I’ve had these for some time and have barely made a dent despite frequent use.imageThe packaging is nice and sleek, stays closed when bouncing around and I appreciate that they are easy to identify in my purse from either the top window or the bottom sticker which is true to the colour inside.imageI basically have one for every occasion at this point, but I’d still love to try several more, especially all the matte shades. Even when wearing the non-matte shades I would recommend quickly exfoliating and lightly moisturizing your lips for the first application as some shades (especially the Pearl formulas) tend to highlight dry lips. Also, I would recommend keeping a mirror in your purse as the darker shades have a tendency to disappear unevenly (i.e. the one time I walked around Homesense with Berry Rich as lip liner only. Mortifying. Not a good look.) I am going to continue to experiment with ways to make these last and hopefully fade evenly, as I am a huge fan of all these colours, especially Mauvy Night.image

  • What: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick
  • Where: Pretty much every pharmacy, grocery store, Walmart, etc.
  • How much: $ – no brainer (especially if you find on sale)
  • Should you: Yes if you don’t mind keeping an eye on it throughout the day to make sure you don’t look crazy. The price is definitely right!

xx C


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