The Search – A Cruelty-Free Fragrance

I started making my birthday wish list recently (I like to make lists, what can I say!) and I decided to make more of an effort to stay vegan/cruelty-free when purchasing cosmetics. I have tried for years to keep my collection mostly cruelty-free, but I am feeling extra inspired thanks to Cruelty Free Kitty, The CelutionLogical Harmony, and Up the Rollercoaster. Luckily the more brands that come to Canada, the easier it becomes. However, one area that I have always struggled with is fragrances. It is pretty simple to find make-up, shampoo, lotions, and nail polish that weren’t tested on animals or contain ingredients that were tested on animals, but fragrances are another story.

While some of the hottest boutique store brands are cruelty-free (Kat Von D, Bite Beauty, Butter London, Charlotte Tilbury, Josie Maran, Too Faced) which makes shopping at places like Sephora a breeze, mainstream fragrances can’t make those same claims. Even drug store brands (Annabelle, Flower, Hard Candy, NYX, Wet N Wild) make cruelty-free make-up accessible at all price points. I feel this is a huge gap in the market! Some companies give me such a eco-friendly/good business practices vibe that I was disappointed to find out that brands like Philosophy, Nest, and Fresh were off the table. With my frustration growing, I set myself the task of finding some cruelty-free fragrance producers so I could select a scent for my 30th year that I could wear with pride.imageI began my search by cruising resources like PETA’s Cruelty-Free Company search, Cruelty Free Kitty’s cruelty-free brands list, the Leaping Bunny approved brands list, and Logical Harmony’s cruelty-free/vegan brand list .

I really prefer to try before I buy when it comes to scents, so I focused my search on brands I can easily find in stores within Ottawa. I ended up going to Terra 20, a great resource for safe and natural products for your whole life. I love their website for the little icons they give each item, which details whether it is cruelty-free, made in Canada, organic, free of harmful chemicals, supports waste reducing, etc. Their in-store selection is very similar to what they have online, and their two Ottawa locations are beautiful, clean and relaxing. I could wander in there for hours, and they have such a diverse collection of products. I highly recommend you give them a visit if you are trying to live a healthier life.imageI needed a travel-ready perfume, and ideally one that is affordable as I find my taste changes with the seasons. Therefore, prior to visiting the store, I narrowed my search down to Love & Toast’s Little Luxe perfumes ($11 CAD), rollerball perfumes ($14 CAD), or Pacifica’s rollerball perfumes ($15 CAD). Upon smelling everything three times, I decided to go with Pacifica’s French Lilac. It smells so true to real lilac, I couldn’t not have it. Something about the scent of fresh, blooming lilac makes me so happy. Look for a full review soon! For future adventures of your own, I have compiled a quick list for Canadians of easily accessible companies with cruelty-free fragrances.

Do you have any go-to brands for cruelty-free scents?


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