The Review – Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Blush

imageI’ve been loving these blushes for ages, and thought it was about time I wrote about it. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes are a bit of a marvel and are well loved throughout the blogosphere. Tarte as a brand is also pretty amazing, a cruelty-free line with a focus on natural and high performing products. I love that you can trust that each item is created without parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate and even gluten!

I am not sure through what magic or witchcraft these blushes last a full 12 hours (or more), but I can assure you they do last and last. At $34 CAD each, they are what I would call an investment product, but not only do these blushes last forever on your face, they are pretty much infinite in the pan. Whenever I see someone hit pan with these blushes I am astonished. I have had these two for a couple years and have barely made a dent, despite using them daily during the spring and summer months.imageBesides being long lasting, this blush is one of the few out there that do not upset my skin. In fact, I find with frequent use my cheeks actually become clearer, if that is even possible? You just need to apply it with a light hand, I find a fan brush best, and you will have happy cheeks for at least 12 hours. The Amazonian Clay 12-Hour blush comes in 16 shades so there is literally one for every skin tone and look. I have it in Flush and Natural Beauty. I like Flush when I am going for a subtle no-make up look, as it provides a wash of bright pink that I find looks quite natural, especially once I have some sun on my face. I like Natural Beauty for a more rosey cheek look, but sadly neither of these are a go for me in the winter months as they are too bright on my pale January cheeks. I think I would love to add one more shade to my collection, probably a peachy nude for a winter option.

Below, I swatched it lightly and then more intensely so you can get a good read on each shade. Amused is a bright true pink, and Natural Beauty is a soft rose red.image

  • What: Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Blush
  • Where: Sephora, Tarte online
  • How much: $$$ – investment product
  • Should you: Yes if you want a long lasting, cruelty-free, healthy glow

Do you recommend any other shades?


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