The Review – Trader Joe’s Coconut Green Tea

Disclaimer: This tea is not available in Canada. So just a heads up before you fall in love with it, you have been warned!


I have never stepped foot into a Trader Joe’s, but I would sure like to. I first heard about Trader Joe’s through the magic of trashy celebrity magazines. Anyone who is anyone has been photographed in a Trader Joe’s parking lot, Starbucks in hand. The few times I’ve made trips to the United States, I somehow never fulfilled my dream to do that very same thing (minus the paparazzi). However, a good friend was a much smarter traveller and made time to check out this amazing place. She kindly gifted me this tin of Trader Joe’s Coconut Green Tea.


As you can see, I am using this sparingly to conserve it as long as possible. Nothing worse than running out of something you have to literally leave the country to replace! So I try to save this just for the perfect summer days, when I am craving the smell and taste of coconut.

Trader Joe’s describes this tea as follows: “We went out of our way to acquire our high-quality Green Tea from Japan. To it, we’ve added real coconut bits, dried lemongrass, and dried ginger. What we haven’t added is sugar. What you taste is that slightly bitter Green Tea, unsweetened, with a pronounced coconut flavor that doesn’t overwhelm. The lemongrass and ginger together provide a nice balance”. It contains green tea, lemongrass, coconut pieces, natural ginger flavour, natural coconut flavour, and organic vanilla flavour. I am very on board with the flavouring in this tea as it is natural/organic, which makes for a guilt-free experience.

This tea has a gorgeous coconut/lemongrass scent which is basically summer sun in a tin. Once steeped, it makes a typical green tea liquor with a gentle tropical scent. I recommend this tea cold, it is so refreshing and light. The perfect tea for a hot summer day! Of my summer teas this one is at the top, next to David’s Tea Tropicalia, but Trader Joe’s Coconut Green Tea is a much more mature and genuine tea experience.


Recommended preparation: 1 tsp cold brewed over night, or 1 tsp per cup for 2-3 minutes at 167-194F

  • What: Trader Joe’s Coconut Green Tea
  • Where: In store in the US
  • How much: $ – No brainer
  • Should you: Yes, if you are making a trip to the States!

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