The 5 Thoughts – March 2016

March was an interesting month in my life. A milestone of sorts was reached, spring semi-sprung, and I was able to run outdoors.


    1. First things first, I am G D excited for spring!! Every winter seems to be more exhausting and depressing than the year before, so every spring becomes more exciting. I love wearing my rain boots and splashing around, seeing buds on the trees, and just generally getting some sun. Even though we had some super cold days and snow, it was still a solid month of spring. And I am eternally grateful.image
    2. This one is related to the spring thing above, but I was finally able to run outdoors! I don’t have the gear or motivation to run outside below zero Celsius so the first couple runs of the year were basically heaven on earth. SCREW YOU TREADMILL! See you in hell! (aka December).

      Ali, the explorer

    3. I reached a big milestone  in my life: being 100% off any medication for anxiety/depression. Through some hard work but mostly just a new amazing doctor, I was able to come off the medication I had been taking for almost a decade. This is a big deal ppl! Anyone who has tried this before can appreciate the physical and emotional toll it can take. I will get into this further in another post, but it was definitely a big part of my March, and I’m quite proud of myself.
    4. Blogging is still a huge joy for me, and I am loving getting to know other bloggers. I am also entering every possible contest, so I can bring some exciting content to the blog. I have so far won the opportunity to try some Stay Free products via Beauty Infinitum, and a positivity postcard from the Girl Gang aka Dork Face. Very excited to be part of a group of strong and hilarious women.
    5. I’ve also been doing a lot of pampering/self-care this month and it has been great. All the baths, face masks, manicures, reading, and general relaxation has done wonders for my mental health. I aim to keep this going into April, which will feature some exciting looking Korean face masks. Taking time to do things that you find relaxing, even on the busiest of days, is so important. Take care of yourselves!

      Easter in Peterborough

How was your March? Did you also tell off a treadmill?


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