The Gift List – My Birthday 2016

I like to make lists. That should be apparent to you already. I especially like making lists of gifts for me or others. I will start making my Christmas wish and shopping lists in August, and continue to refine them for the next 4 months. I suspect this isn’t normal but it is also oddly satisfying. Since my birthday is in a month or so I thought I should get my act together and start making and re-making my wish list.

Beauty Items

  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick ($30 CAD cruelty-free). Every beauty blogger and their dog has been raving about these moisturizing lippies. For the next 6 weeks I will be agonizing over which colour to get.. do I want an every day nude.. or an exciting pop of colour?! I have narrowed it down to 1. Chai, 2. Verbena, 3. Rhubarb, 4. Gingersnap, 5. Sweet Cream, 6. Persimmon, 7. Pickled Ginger, 8. Gin Fizz.. haaalp!biteswatches
  • Bite Beauty Maple Agave Lip Mask ($30 CAD cruelty-free). I can’t get a pricey new lipstick without preparing my lips properly. Bite’s lip masks seem like a good combination of everything I love: cruelty-free, Canadian, and natural ingredients.
  • Trust Fund Beauty Text-ual Nail Polish Set ($35 CAD cruelty-free). An awesome three polish set featuring full sized “OMG, DYING”, “No Filter”, and “Girl Code”.TFB-New-Polish-3PK_Textual_large

Lifestyle Items

  • Fitbit Alta ($169.99 CAD). I’ve been on the fence about getting a fitness tracker for years but I think I am ready to bite the bullet. Mostly since someone finally made one that looked half decent!
  • Pandora clip ($40-$85 CAD). My Pandora charms slide around quite a bit, so I am hoping to find a nice clip to help keep the charms in place.
  • Look Human sweatshirt “Data and Spot” ($35 USD). Look Human gets me on a very deep level. This sweatshirt (one of so many amazing options) combines my love of cats and nerd-ness. Love it!data
  • Olivia Burton Woodland Bunny Watch ($149 CAD). How adorable is this watch! Classy yet cutesy, it is perfect for sneaking a subtle animal print into my office wardrobe.


  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling ($15 CAD). I am loooooving Mindy Kaling’s second book, Why Not Me, so I can’t wait to read her debut work.
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins ($18 CAD). I’ve heard such good buzz about this book, and no one has managed to spoil it for me yet. I hope to read it before that happens!
  • Yes Please by Amy Poehler ($18 CAD). Amy Poehler and her character on Parks & Rec are inspirations, so I know I would learn a few things from this best seller.amy

Am I the only one that makes insane birthday wish lists!?

Photo cred: Bite Beauty, Trust Fund, Look Human, Chapters/Indigo


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