The Review – Harney & Sons Cinnamon Spice Tea


This tea people. Gawd. This tea is so good. With Ottawa’s spring/winter/spring weather thing going on, I am still indulging in some of my favourite winter teas from time to time. Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice is the boss of my winter tea collection. I could drink just this tea until the end of time and still be in love with it. I ask for it every year for Christmas and my family kindly indulges me. And according to Harney & Sons website, I’m not the only one in love with this tea: it is their most popular flavoured tea worldwide.

Hot Cinnamon Spice, for the Canadians in the house, is easily accessible from Indigo in stores and online. It is not the most affordable tea to become addicted to, coming in at $11 CAD for a tin of 20 sachets. These are not tea bags, they are sachets. Adorable little silken pouches filled with cinnamon-y goodness.


Hot Cinnamon Spice is basically Fall in a cup. It is so soothing and warming, containing black tea, three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves. I bet you’re wondering, is this good in a tea latte? HELL YES IT IS!

Open the tin, and you are greeted by an intense cinnamon scent. Once steeped, the tea has a sweet cinnamon smell, a little like a cinnamon bun! I love how the cinnamon isn’t too over powering, despite being very present. It is never too spicy, like another cinnamon tea I have tried recently. You can leave the fancy tea sachet in the water for some time, no real danger of over steeping this one. This low maintenance tea is caffeinated, so it is perfect for early cold mornings, served with some milk (or as mentioned above, in a latte). Definitely pick up a tin and try it, you will not be disappointed. The whole world can’t be wrong!


Recommended preparation: 1 sachet per cup for 4-5 minutes at 212F

  • What: Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice
  • Where: Online and in store at Indigo
  • How much: $$ – Treat yo self

Do you love cinnamon teas? I’m crazy over them.


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