31 to do while 31

While I made a similar list when I turned 30, I spent most of that year being pregnant/having a baby. So I’ve thrown that list out and started fresh. My priorities may have changed but it is still.. mostly food. You can follow my progress on social media using the tag #31for31

1. Successfully make biscotti 

2. Successfully make foccacia 

3. Successfully make sourdough bread (are you noticing a trend.. towards my stomach?)

4. Take a family vacation

5. Read 15 books

6. Start writing a book

7. Get a tattoo (if I’m done breastfeeding)

8. Create a “recommended reads” blog page

9. Blog a minimum of once a month

10. Make a career plan

11. Make kombucha at home

12. Successfully make cinnamon buns (got hungry again)

13. Lose 10 pounds (may conflict with rest of the list..)

14. Start and finish a new tv series (I choose.. Hell On Wheels!)

15. Take a class of some sort

16. Get a new hairstyle

17. Finish a puzzle

18. Successfully make shawarma garlic sauce

19. Bake my way through the Great British Bake Off 2016 cookbook (three recipes down.. many more to go)

20. Watch five documentaries

21. Read an autobiography

22. Have family photos taken

23. Successfully make donuts

24. Purchase and fill an address book

25. Visit a new sight in Ottawa

26. Try five new restaurants 

27. Make a blog plan, including a new series

28. Learn to knit. Again

29. Make a wedding photo book

30. Have at least two pedicures

31. Write one list for happiness a week 

Wish me luck. Let me know in the comments if I missed a must do or if you’re working on a similar list! I will try to post progress as I go! 


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