The 5 Thoughts – February 2016

Well another month has flown by. Here I am again, cuddling by the fire with Ali, wondering where the hell did February just go..

  1. My little cubicle section at work has evolved into a tea connoisseur corner. Of the 6 people who sit there, four drink tea throughout the day and we have started sharing our collections and reporting back on new finds. This makes for infinite tea possibilities which is a treat on these long snowy days, and a nice bonding experience.
  2. Brian, myself, and our kitties are finally settling into our new home. We have hung some art, found an amazing gorgeous rug and are chugging away at unpacking. It is really starting to feel like OUR home, not just a nice house we live in. Brian is now about to build a shelving unit using piping in the dining room, among other projects, so it will only get more cozy and personalized as time goes on.
  3. After having the same doctor for years and years, I took the plunge and found myself a new one. My previous doctor was a nice guy but the level of care was not there. My new doctor is so kind and diligent, and helping me to go medication free which is such an exciting prospect. I am so pleased I found someone that is so patient focused.
  4. I am really enjoying blogging so far! Some people are actually reading it, it is keeping me busy, and forcing me to be more organized. Not too bad! I am also loving all the other blogs out there, as I look for inspiration and lessons learned. So many great ones just in this city alone!
  5. Mango Lassi: best part of this month! Brian discovered canned mango pulp at our grocery store, so we’ve been making a ton of mango lassi. Just mix 2 parts yogurt (any %, unflavoured), 1 part milk, and 1 part mango pulp. I can’t put into words how great a treat this is! I highly recommend it, especially with a curry.


Did you have a good February?

Have you made a mango lassi yet? What are you waiting for!

The 5 Thoughts – January 2016


At the start of each month, sitting by the fire with Ali, I like to reflect on the month just passed.

  1. I got my hair cut above my shoulders for the first time in over a decade and am not convinced.. I can’t figure out how to style it! But I have high hopes for making it work. I just need the confidence of Adele..
  2. Our little family (myself, my husband Brian, and our two cats Ali & Mo) might be cursed? We experienced bad luck on practically all fronts: a gas leak, an allergic reaction and vet visit for Mo, furniture order drama, the flu and so on. However, we are generally healthy and have each other so things can always be worse! Would appreciate some good luck sometime soon though, Universe.
  3. I decided to start blogging! I am excited to spend some time on a new hobby where I get to write – my favourite creative outlet. Even if no one reads this, it will still feel great to put my thoughts down somewhere.
  4. I went back to the gym after several months off, and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t throw up. I look forward to getting back into running, especially when the weather improves.
  5. We are getting much better at meal planning, price matching, and making healthy meals. It feels great to be organized and eating more than frozen lasagna.. I will never not love butter chicken lasagna though !

Did you have a good January?

Any good ideas for breaking a curse?