8 Tips to Spring Clean Your Life


Spring is finally (sorta) here! Weโ€™ve had a handful of gorgeous days in Ottawa, and everyone is a grumpy bear waking up from hibernation. It is literally like every movie scene where someone comes into the light for the first time: people are shielding their eyes, blinking in wonder, experiencing warmth on their face for the first time (in 6 months). Itโ€™s a beautiful time to be alive! After seeing the sun for the first time in many weeks, I am feeling inspired to clean up my life in every way to make for a happy, and healthy spring. Iโ€™ve compiled a list of ways I plan on tidying up my home, phone, and life to help inspire you to do the same.

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The Favourites – January 2016

januaryfavouritesFor my first official blog post, I thought I would establish just what sort of things I’m about. Mainly tea, books, and cats, but I do manage to have a few other interests.

The first month of 2016 was a roller coaster. After a stressful 2015 (more about that another day), it was amazing to be able to find some down time this month for pampering and relaxation. I finished two books, after reading one entire book during 2015. Some of the stress from 2015 sneaked into this month but I am attempting to tackle that head on and find some peace. Some of Januaryโ€™s favourites are part of that experiment. Continue reading