Last Minute Mother’s Day

Psst.. did you know that Mother’s Day is only a week away? But never fear, that is still plenty of time to find a gift that adequately expresses your gratitude for, you know.. being created. No pressure..

Less than $75: The Ten Spot Gel Pedicure. I know what you’re thinking, “I can get a pedicure for 20 bucks at my corner strip mall”. This is your mom we’re talking about people! She deserves the best and I assure you, you get what you pay for. In Ottawa, where there are so many run-of-the-mill Mr. Lube-style nail bars, it is refreshing to find a place that properly pampers. Sending your ma to The Ten Spot ensures she’ll have a relaxing and hygienic experience. Plus the gel polish will last through the summer. Aren’t you thoughtful! 

Less than $50: Lush Thanks Mom gift. There is so much to love about Lush: natural ingredients, cruelty-free, and so many smells! This wrapped gift is ready for giving and contains 4 floral scented goodies: a shower jelly, body conditioner, bar of soap, and body lotion. Your mom will be squeaky clean and smell ah-mazing. She can also be proud of your generous soul: Lush will donate $7.95 from each gift sold as it contains their Charity Pot lotion.

Less than $25: 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal. Being a Mom isn’t light work, so chances are yours could benefit from a little mindfulness in her life. But what does that mean, you ask. Well, Wikipedia tells us that mindfulness is “the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment”. Countless studies have shown the mental and physical benefits of regularly practicing mindfulness (don’t believe me? Ask my friend Google about it). Who are we to deny your mother all that health and happiness? This beautifully illustrated journal includes prompts for 52 weeks of thoughtful reflection. By encouraging your mama to take some time for herself once a week, you’re giving a year of well-being.

Less than $5: Jamie Oliver’s Soaked Pistachio and Citrus cake. You don’t have to break the bank to show your love! Presenting your mom with a decadent dessert is a lovely gesture. This cake is sophisticated yet simple, which is good news when it comes time to bake it. The pistachio and citrus flavors are reminiscent of Spring, which in my part of the world is just getting started around Mother’s Day. And if you’re lucky, she’ll save you a piece. Serve with some fresh whipped cream and candied lemon twirls for optimal mom appreciation.

However you decide to show your appreciation, wishing you and your mama a wonderful day.


The Gift List – Valentine’s Day for Her

Valentine’s Day is coming up and while Brian and I don’t usually exchange gifts, I have found an assortment of sweet gifts for under $30 CAD for your special someone.


  1. Bite Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Rose Hip ($28 CAD at Sephora). This warm, rose-y red is the perfect romantic colour that will suit any skin tone. Bite Beauty is a Canadian brand that was born in Toronto, Ontario and all their products are created with ingredients that are literally good (and safe) enough to eat.
  2. David’s Tea Pink Hearts Essential Glass Travel Mug ($24 CAD at David’s Tea). An adorable 12 ounce travel mug with a built in tea infuser. A great gift for the loved one that loves tea and wants to take it on the road.
  3. Indigo Hot Water Bottle – Grey & Pink ($29.50 CAD at Indigo). Show her you care and keep her warm at the same time. This cable knit hot water bottle will be a reminder of your love year round (let’s be real, this is Canada, it’s always cold somewhere).
  4. Simons Zircon Two-Sided Earrings ($19 CAD at Simons). Ear jackets are still very hot, and these pearl-and-zircon beauties are no exception. Simons jewellery is unique, well-made, and on trend, making them the perfect place for affordable gifts.
  5. Lush In Your Dreams Wrapped Gift ($26.95 CAD at Lush). This gift combines a Unicorn Horn bubble bar (you break it up under running water to make a bubbly, delicious smelling bath); Prince Charming shower gel (a delectable pomegranate and vanilla gel); and The Kiss (a pink lip tint). Everything you need for a romantic night in.
  6. Forever 21 Ultimate Matte Blush Palette ($11.90 CAD at Forever 21). 10 matte shades of blush in one convenient palette. Ranging from nude and coral to pink and red, this palette would be a great gift for any make-up lover.
  7. Fierce Deer Little Heart Necklace ($26 CAD at Workshop Studio & Boutique). A delicate 14 K gold filled heart necklace, available at a local Ottawa boutique. A reminder of your love she can proudly wear every day.


What would you like to receive this Valentine’s Day?

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