The Favourites – March 2016


So far, 2016 seems to be going by at an exponential rate, each month faster than the last. At least March brought back a few days of sun and warmth, so I have high hopes for April! Once I get some sunshine on my face, I crave tropical scents and feel more interested in taking care of myself. This feeds into my favourites for March, with some tropical vibes and self-care.

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The Gift List – Valentine’s Day for Cats

Stay with me: You love your cat. They love you. It’s Valentine’s Day. Why not!

We have a day set aside to show our love to our significant others and family, so don’t forget about your fur babies on this special occasion. Below I’ve compiled a list of cute and practical gifts to show your kitties how much you care.


  1. Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care Dog Snacks ($5.29 CAD at Petsmart). My cousin changed my life when she mentioned her cat loves these chew sticks. One of our cats, Ali, is obsessed with chewing. She loves chewing on drawer handles, window cranks, our metal bed frame.. the list goes on. When she really gets going, I hold one of these in my hand and she goes to town. It seems to get the chew out of her system! Give it a try.
  2. BlackCatStitches Shark Bowtie ($7 CAD + $2.75 CAD shipping on Etsy). Any bad ass cat would be proud to sport this adorable shark print bow tie. Shipping from B.C., these bow ties are designed to slip over your cat’s existing collar, which I love as it is an affordable way to change up their look.
  3. Oster Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed ($19.99 CAD on Amazon). Our cats would kill for this set up. This portable window seat can support up to 50 pounds, is easily installed, and is pretty much the best thing to happen to cats since canned tuna.
  4. Kitty Boinks 38″ Bamboozler ($9.99 CAD at Pet Valu). We got our cats one of these for Christmas and they are obsessed! It is the ideal wand if you like to sit on your couch but still interact with your cats. Don’t judge me.
  5. TheRoverBoutique White Pointed Cat Collar ($35.52 CAD + $8.53 CAD on Etsy). I know. This seems expensive for a pretend collared shirt for your cat. But it’s pretty adorable, so I’m going to declare this worth all the money.
  6. Punto Pet House ($19.98 CAD at Jysk). This collapsible pet house is a great place for your cats to find some solitude and relax. You get extra cat love if you place it near a fireplace or heating vent. That is pretty much cat heaven.


Do you get your cats gifts for holidays?

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