The Review – Harney & Sons Cinnamon Spice Tea


This tea people. Gawd. This tea is so good. With Ottawa’s spring/winter/spring weather thing going on, I am still indulging in some of my favourite winter teas from time to time. Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice is the boss of my winter tea collection. I could drink just this tea until the end of time and still be in love with it. I ask for it every year for Christmas and my family kindly indulges me. And according to Harney & Sons website, I’m not the only one in love with this tea: it is their most popular flavoured tea worldwide.

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The Review – Sahara Tea April in Paris

imageFirstly, thanks for coming back after I took a few days off blogging. At this point in my life, I can hardly manage to get out of bed in the morning, let alone planning and writing blog posts! One thing I am always keen to tell the world about, however, is tea. My Mom finds the most fun teas from local shops. This has allowed me to amass quite the tea collection. I am quite proud of it. If the zombie apocalypse were to go down, I could go years without scavenging new teas. Anyways, enough with the zombie talk and on to April in Paris.

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