The Review – Love & Beauty Argan Oil Eyeshadow Set

As mentioned in previous posts (here, and here!), I adore Forever 21’s Love & Beauty line. It is affordable, on trend, and did I mention, affordable? Love it. My one complaint is the in store selection is so-so, but luckily shipping to Canada is free after $50, sometimes even less, so it is pretty accessible online.


Their Argan Oil line is pretty intriguing. While argan oil appears pretty low in the ingredient list, I am a sucker for buzz words like “argan oil” and “low fat”. The line includes a pressed powder, hydrating lipsticks, hydrating concealer, hydrating lip gloss, hydrating blush, and argan oil volumizing mascara. Did you hear they are hydrating?! Continue reading


The Review – Love & Beauty Ultimate Lip Palette


If you know me, you know I loooove Forever 21’s beauty line, Love & Beauty. Many of their products are cruelty-free, and all very accessible for those who don’t want to commit to expensive, big name products. Expect many more reviews and swatches of their affordable, quality products to come!
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The Mani – Valentine’s Day

I had given up doing my nails for several months so I thought I would ease back in by doing a quick, and easy manicure. There is nothing too remarkable about this one, I just enjoy the colour combination and the process of doing my nails again!image

Even if you aren’t adept at doing unique and complicated manicures (i.e. you are me), I find a simple oneΒ still makes me feel made up and confident. Today I used a bunch of my favourite brands to come up with a red sparkly look. Continue reading