The Review – Teavana Peach Tranquility

image I don’t have too many teas from Teavana to be honest, mostly because there isn’t one very close to me. Their brand is like a grown-up David’s Tea, minimalist and modern, which is very appealing. That sophisticated vibe extends into their blend selection, with most including dried flowers or fruit, but no jelly beans or sprinkles in sight. Teavana is a great place for when I want to pretend I am a grownup who has their shit together. Continue reading


The Favourites – Bedtime Teas

I think if a day goes by without me having at least one cup of tea, hell will have frozen over. I can live without coffee, but tea is like air for me. And until the weather gets really sticky, there is nothing I love more than a hot cup of relaxing tea before bed. While I have a ridiculous tea collection (sorry, Brian!), I have a smaller rotation of bedtime teas with one to suit every mood, weather and sleepiness.

  • Pluck After Eight. I reviewed this tea awhile back, and I reach for it after a big meal when I am craving dessert but have literally no room left in my stomach. It is minty, chocolate-y, and very relaxing.
  • Tetley Pure Peppermint. This is my stand by tea for every day use. It is affordable, easy and always delicious. I love it hot or cold, and it has saved me from many stomach aches over the years. I also find peppermint in all forms very soothing, so this tea is probably my favourite before bed time.
  • Twinings Pure Chamomile. I keep this more for guests who prefer chamomile for an evening tea, and for the one time the year Brian has some. Occasionally I sub it in for my other night time blends to keep things interesting but I find it a little too floral for me most nights.
  • Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla. Now don’t get me wrong, Sleepytime is a solid tea. But let me tell you, add some vanilla, and you’re in tea heaven. This tea is so creamy and soothing, it is like a warm hug from a fluffy cat. I have to use it with caution as it almost always leads to me falling asleep instantly.
  • Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice. I love this tea for fall and winter nights, it packs a cinnamon punch but is still sweet and relaxing. It is especially comforting with a splash of milk.
  • Teavana Peach Tranquility. This is my summer go-to night time tea. It is delicious hot or cold, and smells just like fuzzy peaches.This is one of those rare tea blends that taste as good as they smell.

Do you have a go-to bedtime tea I need to try?

xx C

The Gift List – Easter for Her

Now that the snow is FINALLY melting, and the sun is peaking out, it’s time to start dreaming of spring. And spring means Easter! I love Easter for many reasons: chocolates, spring flowers, spending time with family, and more chocolate. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you still can enjoy some time off work and take in the fresh air.

I’ve curated a list of fresh gifts for her to celebrate Easter, or the arrival of spring, all under $40 CAD. I am excited to feature two Ottawa boutiques, starting with Boogie and Birdie, located at 256 Elgin Street.


  • Paddywax Urban Candle in Salted Grapefruit $16-$38 CAD. These candles are amazing on several levels: smell amazing, look amazing, amazing paperweight. The bold graphic concrete pots are my inspiration for an industrial Easter/spring look.
  • Color By Jool in Blush $30 CAD. I adore these cute little necklaces, not only because there is one called Pinot Noir that makes me laugh (any Kimmy Schmidt fans out there?). Made in Toronto, Ontario, there is one for every personality, occasion or outfit. Blush is the perfect pastel Easter gift but I also love Honey, Lake, Peacock and Prosecco (mostly because the necklace descriptions are what I think of myself/wish I was).
  • Rifle Paper Co. Notebooks $22-$24 CAD. Rifle Paper Co (aka Anna Bond) has seriously locked down the gorgeous illustration market. I remember researching wedding invitations in 2012 when Rifle Paper Co hadn’t exploded worldwide, and thinking, this is the stuff dreams are made of. An awesome Easter gift for the lady who has everything, notebooks are always a welcome gift.

Up next we have Purple Urchin, a handmade soap company located at 884 Somerset West.


  • Coconut Lemongrass Body Butter $19.99 CAD. A luxurious body butter with real ingredients, made close to home. What’s not to love! The coconut and lemongrass scent reminds me of travelling down South for March break, which is just what you need by the time Easter rolls around.
  • Lilac Attack Candle $19.99 CAD. Not often is someone able to capture the gorgeous fragrance of lilacs in bloom. This soy candle does just that. For me the scent of lilac is the epitome of spring!
  • Chocolate Face Mask $11.99 CAD. Whats an easter gift list without some chocolate? This mask, rich with antioxidants, can be used weekly. If you can stop yourself from eating it first.

Sephora, while not a local or Canadian company, is still my favourite place on earth!


  • Farmacy Lip Bloom in Strawberry Basil $21 CAD. Once the weather warms up over 0 degrees Celsius, I want fresh fruit smells for everything. This lip balm has a high end price but the texture and scent are worth it. So fresh and mouth watering!
  • Replica Beach Walk Roller Ball $30 CAD. This time of year I am dreaming of beaches, sunshine and being anywhere but here. Maison Martin Margiela has bottled those dreams and calls it “Beach Walk”. The perfect fragrance to take you into the summer months.
  • Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher in Beach Break $27.60 CAD. The packaging for this line from Too Cool For School is too much for me, I need them all. A dinosaur on a surfboard? Yes please! This blush is perfect for a spring vacation, easy to apply and no mess packaging. Use it like a bingo dabber for a sun kissed flush. If you try one Korean beauty product this year, definitely make it this one.

To mix up my usual David’s Tea ravings, I looked to Teavana for some unique Easter gifts.teaaaapeachmatcha33029_tumbler20ozstrawgrn

  • Serenity Wellness Tea $12.50 CAD for 2 oz. Besides fresh fruit, spring is also embodied by flowers. They finally return, and things smell nice again! Teavana has created a new line of wellness teas and this blend of flowers, herbs and fruit is like a warm breeze on your face: heaven.
  • Organic Peach Matcha Singles 10 pack $19.95 CAD. Peach matcha? Shut up Teavana, take my money! My new obsession, matcha, amped up with fruit flavour is a must try. The Easter Bunny would get all the points leaving this for someone.
  • Shake & Go Tumbler $14.95 CAD. And with matcha, you need a super cute and versatile tumbler. This shake & go tumbler by Contigo has a removable straw so you can easily shake your iced matcha and enjoy.

Zone is a Canadian boutique store that sells all sorts of things from furniture to jewellery. It is one of my favourite stores and you can find something for everyone there.


  • Anigram Ring Holder $8 CAD. How cute is this little guy? In keeping with the Easter theme, this ring holder is a great seasonal gift. I especially love the rose gold finish, a nice departure from the usual silver ring holders.
  • Nicole Large Pouch $32 CAD. Everything about this little vegan clutch screams spring. The white PVC top and floral cork bottom makes for an adorable gift.
  • Lucia Soap Gift Box $22 CAD. What is better than one bar of soap? 8 deliciously scented bars of soap! Lucia products are a bit of a boutique shop staple here in Canada, as they are made in Montreal. They are cruelty-free, and made with organic and natural ingredients. With their adorable wrapping and spring scents like wild ginger & fresh fig, and thyme flower & coriander soap, this set is a guaranteed hit.

Hope you see something to make someone’s Easter special!

xx C

(Note: All photos in this article are not my own)