The Review – David’s Tea Monk’s Blend



This is the best tea I’ve ever had and I am never going to shut up about it. I just had the pleasure of trying a new white tea blend from David’s Tea, called Monk’s Blend, and it is so smooth and so buttery I can’t even handle it. As I mentioned last week, white tea can be a bit of an investment from David’s Tea. But sweet baby jeebus, this one is worth it! Like Buddha’s Blend, it isn’t full of big heavy expensive weird fruits or nuts, so while it is pricier than black tea, you are getting a purely tea experience. Continue reading


The Review – David’s Tea Buddha’s Blend


If you haven’t figured it out yet, David’s Tea is hands down my favourite tea store. I love the selection, unique flavours and the entire brightly coloured experience. I always feel like I’m going to a safe place when visiting their shops, everyone is always so friendly and as excited about tea as me! However, a common complaint within the tea drinking community (i.e. all over Steepster) is that David’s Tea’s white teas cost a small fortune. While some of their white tea blends, for example Gold Rush, contain very little tea compared to the other more heavy ingredients, Buddha’s Blend is much better bang for your buck. Continue reading