The Mani – Valentine’s Day

I had given up doing my nails for several months so I thought I would ease back in by doing a quick, and easy manicure. There is nothing too remarkable about this one, I just enjoy the colour combination and the process of doing my nails again!image

Even if you aren’t adept at doing unique and complicated manicures (i.e. you are me), I find a simple one still makes me feel made up and confident. Today I used a bunch of my favourite brands to come up with a red sparkly look.

First I applied one coat of Joe Fresh’s base coat ($4 CAD). I adore Joe Fresh nail products, they are so on trend and affordable, you can’t go wrong.

Next I painted a couple nails with Formula X in Pyrotechnic ($13 CAD for full size). I got this cute little bottle as a gift from Sephora a couple years ago but it still is my favourite nail polish colour and formula. An awesome fire engine red, the best applicator brush, and amazing lasting power. I highly recommend this whole line.

I painted the remaining nails with Love & Beauty’s holographic sparkle ruby polish, from Forever 21. It is an amazing opaque deep red glittery polish. Sadly this shade is no longer available.

I topped it all off with Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Top Coat ($8.79 CAD). This top coat is the best I’ve come across, and I highly recommend it.


Do you have any plans for February 14th? We are eating pizza!


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